What People Say About Howie







A True Leader

I have had the pleasure—and occasionally, other sensations—of working with many, many leaders in my career. Some better than others, some much worse, but for the most part all fit into what generally passes for leadership in today’s business world.

Then there’s Howie...a true leader.

I have experienced Howie’s unique (not a word I use casually) ability to build truly healthy organizations, where financial and marketplace success is created through a celebration of each individual’s abilities, creativity and contribution. Walk in to a Howie-led organization, and you can feel the commitment, the purpose, the fun, where the people know they are doing work that has value, and are valued for their work.

Authentic, honest, enthusiastic,  a communicator without parallel...and a great human being.

That’s Howie.

Ronn Lehman
Cool Learning Stuff

Howie Gives Hope

Howie’s seminar got everyone THINKING, laughing and talking about it for days and weeks afterwards! His message is simple, yet powerful—and too often overlooked by organizations and their leaders; it’s about being humble, treating each other well, and using the understandings of human behavior to create a work environment where people look forward to coming each day. Howie is articulate, and truly lives up to his title of the Provocateur, not taking himself too seriously either. Howie gives hope that Sunday nights don’t need to be filled with dread.


Rosie Ward
Principal & Co-Founder
Salveo Partners, LLC

Relationship Building

Of central importance to Howie is relationship building. Because he has a high degree of emotional intelligence, Howie is able to quickly gain the trust of others through genuine empathy and understanding. Coworkers and customers alike intuitively sense that Howie cares about them — because he does — and this leads to lasting bonds and incredible loyalty.  Consequently, he is able to foster successful businesses and healthy, happy workplaces filled with laughter.

Eoin Kinahan
Eoin Kinahan
Regional Sales Director
Medistim USA, Inc.

Talent and Humor

During my first in-depth conversation with Howie, I recognized traits that I consider connected to great leadership. Howie agreed to let me interview many employees under his leadership. In analyzing their feedback and synthesizing it for themes, and based on my personal interactions with Howie, he excels in leadership by:

  • Being creative, different and innovative
  • Being likable, funny and humorous
  • Encouraging failure
  • Being knowledgeable and smart
  • Being encouraging and motivating
  • Acting like “one of us”—one employee commented that “He’s not afraid to walk into the fire for you,
    no matter your position.”
  • Being non-hierarchical and trusting
  • Acting with integrity and honesty
  • Treating people well and building relationships
  • Hiring well and being a great “casting agent”
  • Being passionate about the work
  • Creating a great culture

From those interviews, I also learned that some of the things that make Howie, “Howie,” which others can learn are: how to reframe perspectives, how to be empathetic, how to give direct honest feedback and how to be assertive. On the flip side, two of the things that simply make Howie, “Howie,” and cannot be replicated are his talents and his humor.

Interacting with Howie leaves me engaged, reflective and energized.


Laura Delavie
President & Chief Alchemist

Provocative Collaborator

There is no shortage of creative thinking and engaging banter when working with Howie. As a colleague, I have watched Howie ‘in action’. Whether coaching individuals, engaging in staff meetings and events or speaking, he is focused on building relationships, authentic communications and engaging/collaborating for mutual learning & growth. Howie mixes humor and honesty—never shying away from what needs to be said. He challenges respectfully and holds leaders accountable.


Sue Nelson
Executive Consultant
Navigate Forward