Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously! Services

Keynote Speaking

An entertaining and lighthearted overview of the role leadership style plays in nurturing a thriving business. With the underlying premise that functional relationships within the context of work are no different than relationships with our friends and families, we learn the value of trust and introduce some ideas on how to build it. Meant to provoke some introspection by audience members, gently encouraging them to consider that they might be operating under some false paradigms, and that they have an opportunity to create a healthier organization by leading differently.


In a one-hour program designed for the entire organization, we introduce the concepts of leadership style, self-awareness, motivation and trust, providing examples of what works and doesn’t work. We even try to dispel the Golden Rule. GASP!! The goal is to provoke attendees into wondering whether they’re not showing up at work as their most functional selves, and to consider that maybe — just maybe — change is in order. No change is possible without first recognizing that it’s even necessary in the first place.

Lunch-and-Learns can be customized to focus on fewer (or one) areas of emotional intelligence, taking a more in-depth look at the emotional contributors to a thriving organization. These can be delivered as multi-part series, providing the organization with a more comprehensive, in-depth understanding of concepts, and provide some of the necessary presence-of-mind stimuli that support the behavioral changes we want for ourselves. Big time fun!

Workshop Facilitation

There’s nothing like getting manageable-sized groups in a room to collaborate and share in some personal and collective growth. The Institute will present material and lead participation in provocative, yet fun and effective, ways that draw in participants and encourage the open exchange of discoveries. Workshop content can be custom-tailored based on specific need, or developed in these general areas:

  • Fear: how it pervades our every waking moment and interferes with possibilities
  • Complacency: how it interferes with innovation and drive, and how leaders can keep it at bay
  • Likability: its role in self-awareness, why it’s good for business and how to develop it
  • Motivation: busting old paradigms and driving it in the organization


Thinking that you might have a cultural problem in your organization but don’t know where to start? Let The Institute help you define a strategy to start making the changes necessary to build the best business possible.

Fully 80 percent of people hired or promoted into leadership positions were the wrong choice. The Institute can help you select the right people with the talent to lead.


It’s extremely difficult to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence without a really good friend on hand to provide the clear and honest feedback that is required. The Institute will be that friend who has the courage to be honest, the patience to allow changes to happen in due course, and the audacity to laugh with you throughout the process.